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It’s impossible this time of year to ignore all the new resolutions about this and that. We’re all looking forward now as well as appraising what has gone before. I’m doing the same, but more as a mental thing than actually sorting anything on paper. I’m waiting now to hear from Doghouse Press, to see […]



There really isn’t much to do at the moment, except wait for Noel to get back to me about the status of the press’ funding. It’s a little like waiting out the winter months for the first snowdrops in January. I’ve been toying with writing a forword. Not that I want to sound pompous or […]

Title decisions


The editorial group weren’t keen on my original title, so I had a think about it over the weekend and couldn’t think of anything. Typical! Just when I had quit thinking about it, I spotted C.E. Chaffin’s post on the word kairos and had an epiphany! The editor Noel King is delighted with the change, […]