Funding and Progress


I’ve not posted anything in this for a while, being too worried about putting the kybosh on things. January was fraught in waiting to see how Noel got on with his funding application to the Irish Arts Council. He wasn’t succesful with it, which meant a rethink on the whole thing.

 Fortunately the avenue of local funding was one that hadn’t been checked out – so I got on with finding out what the story was. God bless the internet, it’s always my first port of call these days, when I want to know more.

Luckily, the Arts Act of 2003 put in place a funding resource that local authorities have discretion to give out. I submitted a hefty application with the support of my publisher and managed to garner about 1/2 of the costs of publishing the book. Word came last week and made me quite happy for a day or two.

I met my publisher in Galway on the 28th of April, killing two birds with one stone – watching him taking part in a slam performance, and having a chat about what was happening with the book. Little did we know that a week later we’d be celebrating!

Now the emails are flying back and forth – choosing covers and chasing blurb writers. That’s not as easy as it sounds – I’ve seen other poets blogging about whether to blurb or not, and I can see why sometimes you wouldn’t want to write a blurb for a poet – when you’re really not sure about the work that you’re reading!

We shall just have to see about all of this…


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