New Year and Patience


It’s impossible this time of year to ignore all the new resolutions about this and that. We’re all looking forward now as well as appraising what has gone before. I’m doing the same, but more as a mental thing than actually sorting anything on paper. I’m waiting now to hear from Doghouse Press, to see what the story is.

Actually, I’m dying to hear from the editor, but good manners prevents me from sending any query emails, just yet! He did say the first week or two in January was when he expected to hear about his funding, so there it must be parked until a few weeks have passed.

And when I do hear from him is when all the hard work starts – going over everything with a fine tooth comb, and I suppose making some tentative arrangements about what’s to be done in terms of promotion.

I need to make some lists, I think! That’ll keep me out of trouble until the reality kicks in.


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