There really isn’t much to do at the moment, except wait for Noel to get back to me about the status of the press’ funding. It’s a little like waiting out the winter months for the first snowdrops in January.

I’ve been toying with writing a forword. Not that I want to sound pompous or grand, but because I enjoy reading forewords by other poets. I love Spike Milligan’s foreword to his collection Hidden Words, where he says writing a foreword is like being asked to don a second pair of trousers on top of the ones you’re already wearing.

Anyway, in a discussion with a writing friend we were talking about how a foreword can set the tone, or the broader agenda of the writer–sort of like a writing manifesto, if you will. Like a nailing of the colours to the mast, except it’s a lot less life threatening!

It all sounded quite interesting in the discussion, the only problem is when coming to write it out, it sounds terribly like the essays I spent all year trying to write–a little creaky and disjointed.

I think I might just need some percolation time. Oh well, back to reality and the provisioning of food for six hungry mouths!


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