Title decisions


The editorial group weren’t keen on my original title, so I had a think about it over the weekend and couldn’t think of anything. Typical!

Just when I had quit thinking about it, I spotted C.E. Chaffin’s post on the word kairos and had an epiphany! The editor Noel King is delighted with the change, so many thanks C.E.!

Now it’s pretty much a matter of waiting–like the snowdrop bulbs–to see what happens.


2 Responses to “Title decisions”

  1. 1 belle06

    Woohoo, Cailleach, how exciting! A blog specially for the book! Not being a computer numpty, you wouldn’t understand how difficult I’ve found it to sort out a log in and user name! However the deed is done and I’m here and I wanted to say I love the title. Would you believe that I knew a band in the 80s called Kairos . . . ?

  2. Ooooh! A band you say – very opportune :¬D

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