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There really isn’t much to do at the moment, except wait for Noel to get back to me about the status of the press’ funding. It’s a little like waiting out the winter months for the first snowdrops in January. I’ve been toying with writing a forword. Not that I want to sound pompous or […]

Title decisions


The editorial group weren’t keen on my original title, so I had a think about it over the weekend and couldn’t think of anything. Typical! Just when I had quit thinking about it, I spotted C.E. Chaffin’s post on the word kairos and had an epiphany! The editor Noel King is delighted with the change, […]

Hello world!


I’ve thought it might be a good idea to blog the process of the book being published from the phone call last Thursday to it’s eventual completion and publication, as a record and an exercise!