I’ve not posted anything in this for a while, being too worried about putting the kybosh on things. January was fraught in waiting to see how Noel got on with his funding application to the Irish Arts Council. He wasn’t succesful with it, which meant a rethink on the whole thing.

 Fortunately the avenue of local funding was one that hadn’t been checked out – so I got on with finding out what the story was. God bless the internet, it’s always my first port of call these days, when I want to know more.

Luckily, the Arts Act of 2003 put in place a funding resource that local authorities have discretion to give out. I submitted a hefty application with the support of my publisher and managed to garner about 1/2 of the costs of publishing the book. Word came last week and made me quite happy for a day or two.

I met my publisher in Galway on the 28th of April, killing two birds with one stone – watching him taking part in a slam performance, and having a chat about what was happening with the book. Little did we know that a week later we’d be celebrating!

Now the emails are flying back and forth – choosing covers and chasing blurb writers. That’s not as easy as it sounds – I’ve seen other poets blogging about whether to blurb or not, and I can see why sometimes you wouldn’t want to write a blurb for a poet – when you’re really not sure about the work that you’re reading!

We shall just have to see about all of this…


It’s impossible this time of year to ignore all the new resolutions about this and that. We’re all looking forward now as well as appraising what has gone before. I’m doing the same, but more as a mental thing than actually sorting anything on paper. I’m waiting now to hear from Doghouse Press, to see what the story is.

Actually, I’m dying to hear from the editor, but good manners prevents me from sending any query emails, just yet! He did say the first week or two in January was when he expected to hear about his funding, so there it must be parked until a few weeks have passed.

And when I do hear from him is when all the hard work starts – going over everything with a fine tooth comb, and I suppose making some tentative arrangements about what’s to be done in terms of promotion.

I need to make some lists, I think! That’ll keep me out of trouble until the reality kicks in.



There really isn’t much to do at the moment, except wait for Noel to get back to me about the status of the press’ funding. It’s a little like waiting out the winter months for the first snowdrops in January.

I’ve been toying with writing a forword. Not that I want to sound pompous or grand, but because I enjoy reading forewords by other poets. I love Spike Milligan’s foreword to his collection Hidden Words, where he says writing a foreword is like being asked to don a second pair of trousers on top of the ones you’re already wearing.

Anyway, in a discussion with a writing friend we were talking about how a foreword can set the tone, or the broader agenda of the writer–sort of like a writing manifesto, if you will. Like a nailing of the colours to the mast, except it’s a lot less life threatening!

It all sounded quite interesting in the discussion, the only problem is when coming to write it out, it sounds terribly like the essays I spent all year trying to write–a little creaky and disjointed.

I think I might just need some percolation time. Oh well, back to reality and the provisioning of food for six hungry mouths!

Title decisions


The editorial group weren’t keen on my original title, so I had a think about it over the weekend and couldn’t think of anything. Typical!

Just when I had quit thinking about it, I spotted C.E. Chaffin’s post on the word kairos and had an epiphany! The editor Noel King is delighted with the change, so many thanks C.E.!

Now it’s pretty much a matter of waiting–like the snowdrop bulbs–to see what happens.

Hello world!


I’ve thought it might be a good idea to blog the process of the book being published from the phone call last Thursday to it’s eventual completion and publication, as a record and an exercise!